Name of the Monument Locality District
Inscribed rock to the west of Dharanikota Amaravati Guntur
Inscribed marble pillar near the
Gopala temple
Ipuru Guntur
Sculptures, carvings, images, basreliefs, inscriptions or other like objects
found in the vicinity of the old mosque
Gudur Krishna
Inscribed pillar & slab in Mallesvarasvami temple Vijayawada Krishna
Inscribed boulder bearing Andhra records of 150 AD Chinnakadaburu Kurnool
A prominent Granite Hillock bearing
Asoka Inscriptions
Jonnagiri Kurnool
The Asokan inscription, two early
Chalukyan inscription and one late
Chalukyan inscription
Rajulamandagiri (Hamlet of Jutur) Kurnool
Inscribed stone lying to the East of
Siva temple
Rayachoti Kurnool