The Archaeological Survey of India (A.S.I.), was established in 1861. It functions as an attached office of the Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture. Under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites And Remains Act of 1958, the Archaeological Survey of India has declared 3606 monuments upto Dec 2000 to be of National importance in the country. In the last 139 years of its existence, the A.S.I. has grown from a humble beginning to a large organisation with an organized work force at the base and the Director General at the apex. With the passage of time, its major acitivities have expanded manifold to include inter-alia

  • Maintenance, Conservation & Preservation of centrally protected monuments and sites.
  • Conducting archaeological exploration & excavations.
  • Chemical preservation of monuments and antiquarian remains.
  • Architectural survey of monuments.
  • Development of epigraphical reserches.
  • Setting up and re-organisation of site museums.
  • Imparting training in all fields of Archaeology and creating awareness of the heritage of the country.
  • Implimentation of the provisions of Antiquity and Art Treasure Act 1972.

The A.S.I. is running two year postgraduate diploma course in its Institute of Archaeology where young archaeologists are imparted practical and theoretical training in the multifarious disciplines in the field of archaeology. This is the only institution in the country where extensive training in archaeology is imparted.


No. of

Agra 264
Aurangabad 168
Goa 21
Bangalore 209
Bhopal 282
Bhubaneswar 120
Kolkata 174
Chandigarh 156
Chennai 411
Delhi 165
Dharwad 298
Guwahati 72
Hyderabad 137
Jaipur 153
Lucknow 365
Patna 188
Mumbai 168
Srinagar 69
Thrissur 35
Vadodara 213

Name of State

No. of Monuments

Andhra Pradesh 137
Arunachal Pradesh 5
Assam 53
Bihar 70
Chattisharh 47
Daman (UT)& Diu 12
Delhi 174
Goa 21
Gujarat 202
Haryana 90
Himachal Pradesh 40
Jammu & Kashmir 69
Jharkhand 12
Karnataka 507
Kerala 27
Madhya Pradesh 286
Maharashtra 286
Manipur 1
Meghalaya 9
Nagaland 4
Orissa 78
Pondicherry (UT) 7
Punjab 31
Rajasthan 162
Sikkim/td> 3
Tamil Nadu 413

Tripura 5
Uttar Pradesh 741
Uttaranchal 44
West Bengal 133