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After Independence and subsequent to the merger of princely states, Archaeological 

Survey of India had taken over some of the important monuments of them as national monuments and formed nine major circles for the administrative convenience. The South Eastern Circle was one amongst the nine major circles with the jurisdiction over entire Andhra, Orissa and parts of Central provinces with the head Quarters located at Visakhapatnam. Subsequently , the head-quarter was shifted to Hyderabad in the year 1964. In the year 1976, due to re-organization of the circles the monuments falling under Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra were deleted but the contiguous northern districts of Karnataka were added to the South Eastern Circle.  In 1985 the Circle was re-designated as Hyderabad Circle.

Presently it has 137 centrally protected Ancient and Historical Monuments & Archaeological sites (dating from prehistoric time to late medieval period) under its jurisdiction covering Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States respectively of which 129 Monuments are located in A.P and 8 Monuments are located in Telangana. Some of the important excavations/Scientific clearance were carried out by Hyderabad Circle at Salihundam, Mukhalingam & Kalingapatnam (Dist. Srikakulam), Amaravati, Dharanikota & Battiprolu (Dist. Guntur), Gantasala (Dist. Krishna), Kottur (Dist. Viskhapatnam), Kudavalli, Papanasi group of temples & Alampur (Dist. Mahaboobnagar) Adurru & Kapavaram (Dist. Warangal), Alluru (Dist. Krishna), Uppugunduru (Dist.Prakasam) Apart from excavations, explorations were also carried out in some districts and many ancient edifices and antiquarian remains were brought to light. the Circle had successfully carried out the transplantation of the Kudali Sangameswara and Papanasi group temples endangered due to Srisailam hydroelectric project to the safer place. Recently the Circle has conducted explorations in the submersible areas of Pulichintala Project in Nalgonda District of Telangana and Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh and Veligonda project in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. In order to create cultural awareness among the public and researchers as well the ASI Hyderabad Circle is conducting photo exhibitions on its latest research activities, at various monuments time to time.

Currently the Hyderabad Circle is engaged in comprehensive digital documentation of cultural property under its protection and brought out multi lingual brochures on important centrally protected monuments. The Circle has also carried out scientific clearance at different parts In Golkonda fort and brought to light new structural evidences. The major conservation work of removal and reconstruction of about 800 years old Kalyanamantapam at the Rudreswara temple complex, 1000 pillared temple, Hanumakonda (TS) is in advanced stage of completion and documentation work was completed for the conservation of Kameshwara shrine (Kalyanamadapam ) in Ramappa temple complex (TS).